Ready to rock? Well, let’s roll…  

The year is 2021, and the Foo Fighters have made a funky, pop-influenced post-rock album in a haunted mansion… Anything is possible in these crazy times, we suppose! To celebrate the wicked new set of tunes that is Medicine At Midnight, Australian Guitar caught up with shredder extraordinaire Chris Shiflett, chatted all about the gear, grooves and ghosts that led to it, and immortalised the yarn in an epic six-page feature for the cover of our 142nd issue!  

Of course, there’s much more in Australian Guitar #142 that’ll have your inner rockstar going mental – like the ultimate guide to mastering the style of Led Zeppelin’s legendary lead riffer Jimmy Page. Or for the history buffs out there, a loving look back on the history of Fender to celebrate the Californian legends’ 75th birthday. And for those with a soft spot for true crime, we take a deep dive into the vexing story behind the most iconic stolen guitar of all time, Eric Clapton’s “Beano”.  

Once you’ve learned how to play it like Page, try punching it like Perry with the full tablature to Aerosmith and Run DMC’s classic “Walk This Way”. And we know what you’re thinking – “Man, how wild would that track sound if you threw a loop pedal in the mix?” Well, what a coincidence – flip to page 74 and you’ll find a shootout of all the biggest and best loopers on shelves right now! Flip back a few pages, and you’ll find our DIY special on how to add a killswitch to your guitar – y’know, just in case you wanna make your cover of “Walk This Way” extra crazy.  

But what if simply playing the song is not enough? Why not record it and share your virtuoso shredding skills with the world? Don’t worry if you’re green to the world of guitar vlogging – Australian Guitar #142 features a special on the best new camera to commit your jam sessions to memory. And speaking of recording guitars, we got down to the wire with one of the most storied producers in the world of Australian heavy music, Shane Edwards.  

You can read all about how Shane’s making punk and hardcore history in this issue’s Producer Profile column, then suss the Fresh Frets column to find your new favourite local band, and the Spotlight column to catch up with some of the buzziest names on the scene right now. There’s also the Hot Gear column hated by wallets everywhere – and once you’ve drooled over all the goodies in that, head to the last pages of the magazine for a stack of reviews for the latest and greatest gear on the market.  

That just about covers all the biggest features in Australian Guitar #142 – that is, aside from over 20 one-on-one interviews with such red-hot acts as Greta Van Fleet, Chrissie Hynde, Adrian Smith and Richie Kotzen, Tomahawk, NOFX, Cheap Trick, Evanescence, Yvette Young, Mogwai, The Pretty Reckless… Honestly, we’re starting to run out of breath – there’s too many top-shelf names for us to fire off in the one sentence!

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